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Providing full project valuation, recommending the correct solution required for fire protection, thermal control, long term weathering, immersion linings, heat resistance and insulation requirements.

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Armour Projects work in collaboration and partnership with clients to provide the best coating solutions to suit their project needs.
We know that not every project is the same and each project has its own challenges. Armour Projects offer bespoke solutions to address our clients needs.

We provide a full project valuation, to ensure that we recommend the correct solution required for fire protection, thermal control, long term weathering, immersion linings, heat resistance and insulation requirements. ‍

Our team consists of a highly skilled NACE inspectors and engineers that provide our clients with the best system. Our estimator team is standing by to assist you with quoting on all your project requirements.

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Fire Protection

We specialise in Intumescent & Cementitious fire protection coatings.
When steel is exposed to heat during a fire, a reaction is triggered when the coating expands and foams up to 50 times its original thickness, forming a layer of solid foam-like char in order to protect the steel from overheating above 540 degrees Celsius. In which case steel become malleable.

Likewise, cementitious coatings remain passive and perform/achieve the same purpose as intumescent coatings in order to keep the structural integrity of the steel during a fire.

Thermal Control

Thermal controlled coatings (TCC's) play an important role in thermal management by providing the pathway needed to control temperature loss or gain on pipes and equipment.
Thermal control coating systems replace the need for traditional mineral wool and lagging systems which inherently are not 100%.

Thermal control coatings are much more proficient in this regard but also mitigate corrosion at the same time, making it a far more cost-effective system to combat heat and cool temperature loss. This subsequently lowers the cost of producing heat or refrigeration to 30% and perverts corrosion under lagging.

Corrosion Control

We provide a variety of bespoke solutions to prevent corrosion through specialised systems and coating products. We can therefore guarantee a faster completion time and lower cost of ownership over the life cycle of the asset that needs be protected from corrosion. ‍
Corrosion control is the prevention of deterioration by mitigating the chemical reactions that cause corrosion in three general ways:

  • Change the environment
  • Change the material
  • Place a barrier between the material and its environment

Our unique coating solutions provide innovative systems which are applied onto structures, protecting your asset from the harsh New Zealand environment against deterioration caused by corrosion.

Concrete Protection

We Provide bespoke concrete protection systems to mitigate eroding against chemical attack and wear and tear.

Concrete protection coatings are described as a liquid material, coating applied to concrete surfaces to increase its life cycle. ‍

Our systems include the application of paint, epoxy coatings and concrete overlays and have food and drink water safe systems.

Some of our Recent Projects

The Waikeria Corrections & Treatment Facility Waikato, New Zealand

The Armour Projects team has been contracted by CPB Contractors to provide a 30/60/90/120 fire rating on approximately 34,000 square meters of steel.

The system selected was Southwest 5GP Cementitious coatings which includes priming and seal coats.

The new facility will be built on the site of the existing Prison.The building will be operated by the Department of Correctional Services and will deliver accommodation for 500 prisoners along with a secure mental health unit providing care for additional prisoners.

Quest Apartments, 217 Shakespeare Rd, Milford, Auckland

Armour Projects has been contracted by Bufton Construction to provide a 30/60/90 fire rating for The Quest apartment block situated in Milford. The Intumescent product selected is Phoenix 170-120.

The development consists of a basement car-park, with a mixture of commercial and retail spaces and includes 52 apartments with six exclusive private penthouses.

15 HopeToun Residence, Houptown Street, Freemansbay, Auckland

Armour Projects has been contracted directly by the asset owners of Hopetoun Residence to upgrade the fireproof maintenance on all balcony columns.

The product applied is Phoenix 170/120 with a thickness of 1100 microns followed by an Intumescent seal coat followed by a Resene external coatings to provide protection against the elements.